Healthy Work and Happy Life, Axinke Anhui Launks "Jing She Ancient Road" Hiking Activities

After intense work, let everyone relax, exercise their bodies, strengthen their physique, establish a good and healthy lifestyle, and at the same time enhance communication, establish a sense of collectivism and a spiritual will that is not afraid of hardship and tiredness, and stimulate work Enthusiasm, devote yourself to work with a more full mental state.

On May 7, 2023, the Axinke Anhui Trade Union used the weekend break to organize a group of 25 members of the company's mountaineering association to carry out the first phase of outdoor hiking and mountaineering activities-Jingshe Ancient Road. According to the production and vacation time of the operating company, the hiking activity will be carried out in two phases.

Jing She Ancient Road, also known as Sui and Tang Dynasties Ancient Road and Ruoling Ancient Road, was opened by Wang Hua, the Duke of Tang Yue State, in the late Sui Dynasty. About 1400 years ago, it was an important official road from Huizhou Prefecture (Shexian) to Ningguo Prefecture (Xuanzhou) in ancient times. Huizhou merchants relied on this road to transport goods to the Yangtze River and Qiantang, casting the historical glory of Huizhou merchants. Ruoling Ancient Road currently has a well-preserved section of stone slab, with more than 20 kilometers leading to Jingde, Huangshan District (formerly Taiping County) and Shexian County respectively. Jingde County section is called Jing She Ancient Road; Huangshan District section is called Sui and Tang Dynasties Ancient Road; In Shexian County, Ruoling Ancient Road has been used.

The activity route starts from Ruoling Ancient Road in Huangshan Shanghai Tea Forest Farm-Daguan Cave-Jingde Ancient Road-Gaojia Village in Jingde County. The whole journey is about 20 miles and it takes about 8 hours to walk. It passes through Wuli Cave, Biedong, Tathagata Stone Pillar, Tianzhu Temple, Wangzi Cave, Yue Guogong Wang Hua's "Loyalist Temple" and other places. The scenic area gives people a realm of high mountains and mountains and mountains and bamboo cultivation.

All the way forward, the mountain road winding, forest dyed. Everyone in small groups, along the ancient stone road, chatting and walking while taking pictures of the beautiful scenery, people's hearts have been purified, all the numerous weeds have been swept away, completely immersed in the beauty of nature.

After nearly three hours of climbing, the team finally climbed to the top of the ancient road of Jingshe. Everyone took a short rest and continued to set off after a simple lunch. They almost walked to Ruoling Ancient Road in Shexian County without observing the signposts. Fortunately, they met enthusiastic hikers on the way not far away. They quickly turned back to the ancient road in the direction of Jingde and went down the mountain at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The whole mountaineering journey is also a challenge for many employees. During the hike, everyone promotes the friendship of mutual aid and friendship, and does not let a teammate fall behind. Then we drove to the beautiful Jiangcun village of Jingde Baidi Town for dinner. Everyone came happily and returned with satisfaction. The activity ended successfully.

Through this trip to the ancient Tao, everyone can relax, exercise, strengthen their physique, establish a good and healthy lifestyle, and at the same time enhance communication, establish a sense of collectivism and the spirit of not being afraid of hardship and tiredness, stimulate enthusiasm for work, and devote themselves to work with a more full state of mind.