Axinke Anhui Chongqing Branch Successfully Passing Changan Release Audit

On March 30, 020, during the special period of the global outbreak, Axinke Anhui ushered in the first wave of customer audits in 2020-the release audit of the Chongqing branch plant.

On March 30, 2020, during the special period of the global epidemic outbreak, ASIMCO Anhui welcomed the first wave of customer audit in 2020-the release audit of Chongqing branch factory. The project of Chongqing branch was started in August 2019. After seven months of efforts, Chongqing branch officially started the equipment commissioning phase and trial production phase in January 2020. While we were ready to go, we ushered in a global epidemic outbreak in history, the epidemic cut off all our normal plans, under the leadership of the company, the company sent the Chongqing project team the first brave, retrograde elite, they give up the small family, care for everyone, overcome the difficulties into the construction of the Chongqing branch plant.

In the special period, all the food, clothing, housing and transportation are solved by themselves. Because of their spirit of unity and not admitting defeat, in mid-March 2020, all the equipment from machine to assembly in the whole factory has been running normally and orderly. No matter from the site layout, production equipment and automation degree, we have made great breakthroughs and improvements compared with before. Today, we are confident and energetic to welcome the first wave of audit after the Spring Festival in 2020.

The products audited by Chongqing sub-factory are mainly produced by TVD pulleys. The quality experts of Changan Company have carried out on-site confirmation and acceptance of the whole production process from purchase acceptance to finished product packaging. They have highly evaluated and recognized our manufacturing site design, production logistics route, working environment and staff morale. At the same time, they can also learn from past experiences and lessons, we are gratified to have been reformed and circumvented on the new line. More importantly, we can realize that we are stricter than ourselves with higher requirements and meet customers with higher quality standards. This is also the first time for the whole company to officially receive the second party audit in the new year, and it is also the first starting point in the course of Chongqing Branch.

A special year, a special spring, in this special period, ASIMCO is glowing with a different mental outlook. ASIMCO Anhui Chongqing Branch can successfully pass the Changan release audit, thanks to the support and care of the company's leaders. Thanks to the close cooperation and hard work of the Chongqing project team, thanks to the selfless dedication and hard work of all employees, you are the pride of the company and the future of the company.