The general election meeting of the trade union of Axinke Anhui Company was successfully held.

On the afternoon of April 1, 2022, the third trade union member congress of Axinke Anhui was held ceremoniously on the third floor of the company club.

On the afternoon of April 1, 2022, the third trade union member congress of Axinke Anhui was solemnly held on the third floor of the company club, and the third trade union committee was elected. Representatives of 40 trade union members selected by various system departments of the company attended the meeting. Li Chenxin, member of the Party Committee of Zhongxi Town and vice chairman of the Town Federation of Trade Unions, Gong Huabing, general manager of Axinke Anhui Company, and Li Changchun, director of administrative personnel, attended the meeting. Comrade Zhao Xiaoshan presided over the meeting.

The conference kicked off with the majestic national anthem. On behalf of the Second Trade Union Committee, Comrade Huang Huang made a work report on "Serving the overall situation, taking the initiative, boosting development, and striving for the future development of Axinke Anhui, the report has made a comprehensive review of the work of the second trade union from eight aspects: strengthening the construction of the staff team, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, leading employees to make contributions in the production and operation of enterprises, creating a characteristic corporate culture, paying attention to the vital interests of employees, strengthening the protection of the rights and interests of female employees, actively participating in charity and charity, and strengthening the construction of trade union propaganda positions. And put forward general requirements for the future work, it is hoped that the new trade union committee will continue to play a good role as a bridge and create new achievements in the work of the Anhui trade union of Asiantech.

The meeting voted and passed the "Measures for the Election of the Third Trade Union Congress of ASIMCO" and the list of scrutineers and tellers. Election by secret ballot in accordance with election-related proceduresSun Fangfang, Huang Huang, Zhang Jianfeng, Tao Dan, Cheng Li, Chu Xinlin, Zhang Hugo, Xia Yunqing, Liu Yucai9 comrades as members of the third trade union committee. The third Anhui Trade Union Committee of the elected ASIMCO held its first plenary meeting,Comrade Sun Fangfang was elected chairman of the trade union and Comrade Huang Huang was elected vice chairman of the trade union..

Comrade Sun Fangfang, chairman of the new trade union committee, made a statement and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all members for their trust. He also said that the new trade union committee will, under the leadership of the superior trade union and the company, do a good job in the trade union work as always, take the initiative and serve the overall situation, and actively play the due role of trade union organizations for the development of ASIMCO Anhui.

Gong Huabing, general manager of the company, made an important speech. He highly affirmed the work achievements of the trade union in the past few years and emphasized that in the future work, the new trade union committee should take the initiative to further play the role of the trade union as a bridge and link, continuously enhance the appeal and cohesion of the trade union, and lead the employees to love their jobs. Work together to build a safe, environmentally friendly, healthy and beautiful Asiangke Anhui family.