Afforestation, Green Development, Party-Mass Co-construction, Better Life-Axinke Anhui 2022 Tree Planting Activities

In March of Yangchun, grass grows and warblers fly. Spring returns to the earth and everything recovers. On the occasion of the 44th Arbor Day and the 101 anniversary of the party building, on the morning of March 19, ASIMCO Anhui Company launched a tree planting activity with the theme of "afforestation, green development, party-mass co-construction, and a better life" in the factory area. About 70 people from the company's middle and senior management, party member representatives, and outstanding employee representatives participated in the activity.

This activity is divided into groups according to the planned area. Divide the activity personnel into three groups on average, and the team leader will lead the team members to carry out the tree planting activities in this row.

At the tree planting site, everyone cooperated with each other, digging pits, supporting seedlings, cultivating soil, compacting, etc., a busy and orderly scene.

Everyone was in high spirits, and they worked together to plant saplings, and the laughter of tree planting work was everywhere.

After everyone's hard work, the saplings successfully "settled down" here, glowing with vitality, forming a beautiful landscape in the spring.

This tree planting activity not only afforests the company's environment, enhances the image of the company, and allows everyone to establish a stronger awareness of environmental protection, but also roots this green hope in the soil of life, and integrates the concept of green development into practical actions., To witness the development and growth of the Anhui family of Asianke.